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Malti Marie Turns Two! Inside Priyanka & Nick Jonas’s Elmo-Themed Birthday Bash

Written by Hunny Bhadreshvara

Elmo Takes Over for Malti Marie’s 2nd Birthday!

The Jonas family is celebrating a special milestone – Malti Marie’s 2nd birthday! Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas threw their daughter an adorable Elmo-themed bash, and fans are getting a peek inside the fun thanks to Nick’s Instagram post.

A Peek Inside “Malti’s World”

Nick shared a series of photos from the party, showcasing a vibrant “Malti’s World” decorated with Elmo everywhere. The birthday girl herself looked adorable in a pink sweater with red hearts and a matching tiara.

Family Fun with Priyanka, Nick, and the Jonas Brothers

Priyanka and Nick sported casual hoodies, Priyanka rocking quirky orange sunglasses that matched the Elmo theme. Nick’s brothers, Joe and Franklin Jonas, also joined the celebration, making it a true family affair.

Sweet Moments Captured

Anjula Acharia, a friend of the family, shared even more heartwarming moments on her Instagram story. One photo shows Priyanka holding Malti with a giant Elmo cake in the background, while another features Priyanka, Anjula, and Madhu Chopra (Priyanka’s mom) making goofy faces in a photo booth.

Malti Tries to Help with Birthday Prep (Too Cute!)

Anjula also shared a video that melted hearts everywhere. Malti, with her adorable twin ponytails and a grey sweater, attempts to help blow up a balloon before playfully running away. It’s a glimpse into the pre-party excitement and Malti’s infectious energy.

Happy Birthday, Malti Marie!

From the Elmo decorations to the family fun, Malti’s 2nd birthday looked like a blast. We wish her all the happiness and Elmo-themed adventures in the year ahead!

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