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Hema Malini Unveils “Gulzar Saab: Hazara Rahein Mud Ke Dekhin,” a Poetic Journey Through a Cinematic Giant’s Life

Written by Hunny Bhadreshvara

(A Portrait of the Master Craftsman in Words and Film)

The curtain rises on a chapter steeped in both personal history and profound artistry. Today, Hema Malini, the embodiment of grace and cinematic excellence, launched the authorized biography of Gulzar Saab, titled “Gulzar Saab: Hazara Rahein Mud Ke Dekhin.”

This masterpiece, penned by National Award-winning author Yatindra Mishra, isn’t simply a chronicle of dates and achievements. It’s an intricate tapestry woven with the silken threads of Gulzar’s life, from his blossoming as a poet to his reign as a filmmaker and lyricist extraordinaire. Over fifteen years of meticulous interactions with the maestro himself, Mishra paints a nuanced portrait of the “master craftsman,” as publisher Arun Maheshwari aptly describes him.

A Glimpse into the Labyrinth of Creativity:

The book promises to be a treasure trove of learnings and stories, unlocking the alleys of inspiration that fueled Gulzar’s unparalleled creative journey. From his early days, where words danced to his rhythm, to his cinematic ventures that held up a mirror to society’s soul, “Gulzar Saab” delves into the depths of his artistry.

Bridging the Gap Between Legends and Learners:

As Aditi Maheshwari, CEO of the publishing group, says, “This book is a bridge between the poetic legacy of Gulzar and the eager minds of future generations.” Each page holds the potential to ignite newfound passions and inspire aspiring artists to walk in the footsteps of this literary luminary.

Beyond the Spotlight, a Life Illuminated by Words and Images:

Gulzar’s journey has been adorned with countless accolades, from National Film Awards and Filmfare trophies to the coveted Dadasaheb Phalke Award. But the true measure of his greatness lies beyond the glitter of awards. It lies in the countless hearts he has touched with his words, the lives he has illuminated with his stories, and the echoes of his voice that continue to resonate across generations.

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