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Ankita Lokhande Finds Support from Sushant’s Sister Amidst Bigg Boss 17 Discussions

Written by Hunny Bhadreshvara

Ankita Lokhande, one of the most talked-about contestants of Bigg Boss 17, has been under constant scrutiny for her every move within the house. From her gameplay strategies to her personal life with husband Vicky Jain, she’s rarely been out of the limelight.

Criticism and Controversy:

Recently, Ankita faced criticism for bringing up her past relationship with the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput on the show. While some viewers found it insensitive, others defended her right to share her experiences.

Sisterly Support:

Amidst the mixed reactions, Sushant’s sister, Shweta Singh Kirti, stepped up in support of Ankita. Taking to Instagram, she posted a story with a heartfelt message: “We Love You Ankii, you are the best and the purest.” This public show of support sent a wave of encouragement to Ankita’s fans and silenced some of her critics.

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What Does This Mean?

Shweta’s gesture holds significance for several reasons:

  • Healing and Closure: It could indicate a sense of healing and closure for the family, accepting Ankita’s role in Sushant’s life and moving forward.
  • Solidarity and Support: It demonstrates unwavering support for Ankita, especially during a time when she’s facing negativity.
  • Moving Beyond the Past: This public interaction encourages fans and viewers to focus on Ankita’s present and her journey on Bigg Boss 17, rather than dwelling on the past.

The Road Ahead:

Ankita’s journey in Bigg Boss 17 is far from over. Whether she emerges victorious or not, Shweta’s support has undoubtedly provided her with a much-needed boost of love and strength. It also opens doors for a more nuanced understanding of the complex emotions surrounding Ankita’s past and her present reality.

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